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Many of our students study for the TOEFL certificate of English proficiency.

Beginning 1–6

LevelCEFR/Communication SkillsWhat you will have learned by the end of each level
Beginning 1Novice Low – A1Introduce yourself and others
Basic telephone conversations
Talk about your family
Order food/drink in a cafŽé/restaurant
Beginning 2Novice Mid – A1Ask for and tell the time
Ask about a friend or family
Talk about leisure activities
Talk about your job
Beginning 3Novice Mid – A1Describe places (your home, office etc.) using the appropriate vocabulary
Talk about what you can/can't do
Write a formal letter to apply for a job
Give basic directions
Beginning 4Novice Mid – High A1Talk about things that happened in the past (vacations, meeting people etc.)
Talk about special occasions.
Beginning 5Novice High – Low A2Talk about your favorite food
Talk about meals in your country
Polite offers and requests
Describe people, feelings and things
Get information you need from someone
Beginning 6Novice High – Mid A2Talk about the weather
Express your future plans
Relay your past experiences
Communicate at the airport
Make suggestions

Intermediate 1–6

LevelCEFR/Communication SkillsWhat you will have learned by the end of each level
Intermediate 1Intermediate Low – High A2Describe your friends in details
Have discussions about different topics
Tell short stories
Intermediate 2Intermediate Low – High A2Talk about different cities/countries and what they are like.
Go shopping and use the appropriate vocabulary/language
Compare people/places
Intermediate 3Intermediate Mid – Low B1Introduce yourself and others with a wider range of vocabulary
Explain what is wrong at the doctor's
Give/conduct an interview
Give an opinion on various topics
Give directions
Intermediate 4Intermediate Mid – Low B1Give advice
Use appropriate social expressions
Talk about possibilities and dreams
Intermediate 5Intermediate High – High B1Make short talks with English speakers
Express a strong opinion
Talk about you family in details and compare it to others
Discuss laws and moral obligations
Intermediate 6Intermediate High – High B1Predict and discuss the future
Arrange a meeting with a friend or colleague
Discuss your fears and phobias
Talk about your likes and dislikes
Shopping in a department store
Describe someone in greater details

Advanced 1–5

LevelCEFR/Communication SkillsWhat you will have learned by the end of each level
Advanced 1Intermediate High / Advanced Low – High B1 / Low B2Discuss social conscience and your opinion about it
Explain what you use the internet for and your favorite websites
Talk about people who changed the world and current news stories
Advanced 2Advanced Low – Low B2Talk about your favorite movies and write movie reviews
Use the correct terms to talk about TV and movies
Talk about regrets in the past/describe situations when we are wishing the past was different.
Talk about your experiences with tourist destinations
Discuss desires and expectations that are probable, possible, unreal or unlikely
Argue your point of view
Advanced 3Advanced Mid – Mid B2 / High B2Discuss controversial topics and give your opinion
Talk about present or future situations that are improbable
Resolve conflicts and discuss problematic issues
Post on message boards
Report writing
Debate current issues
Write a short biography
Advanced 4Advanced Mid – High B2 / Low C1Report something that happened to you/around you
Agree/disagree with opinions
Talk about personal relationships in details
Write a short essay
Use phrasal verbs correctly
Write personal letters
Give tips about real life situations
Give a presentation about various topics
Learn how to talk about cause and effect
Advanced 5Advanced High – Mid C1 / High C1Talk/write about prized possessions in details
Express ideas casually
Give supporting arguments
Talk about places that are special to you in greater details
Apply for a job
Write a resume and cover letter
Give a tour of a destination
Predict future inventions/ways of life
Write an academic essay

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