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Lyed f Lyed

Lyed f Lyed community service club is one of three clubs at the ALC Tangier. Our goal is to teach our students responsibility, compassion and problem solving skills through charity work.

Our many activities include beach clean ups, visits to the old age and special needs homes and trips with the orphans from the local orphanage.

For our future projects, we are working on more educational and personal development projects. We are hoping to successfully organize a summer camp for underprivileged children to have the opportunity to experience the English language and American culture. We also have plans to organize workshops to help the youth in our community develop their skills and qualities and set goals to maximize their full potential.

Lyed F Lyed is always looking for new members. All ALC Tangier students are welcome to join! For more information, please ask at reception.

PTPI Tangier Chapter

PPTI Tangier4Our story beings on September 11th, 1956, with U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who believed that “peaceful relations between nations require understanding and mutual respect between individuals.” We are a cross-cultural network of everyday citizens who explore global issues, serve and enrich their diverse communities, and are effective leaders in creating a more peaceful world.

PTPI Tangier Chapter was founded on April 9th, 2008, Sponsored by the American Language Center, it was the first community service club in Tangier’s center that assembles people who are willing to serve their community by promoting the general situation of the environment in where they live.

PPTI Tangier3Our mission

To enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

Our vision

A cross-cultural network of engaged and knowledgeable everyday citizen leaders will be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Our chapter has many goals to achieve through its projects:

PPTI Tangier1The long-term goal

  • Promote people’s involvement in the process of their community’s development.
  • Emphasize that voluntary work is voluntary and not a competitive job. All voluntary work complements each other with the result of serving our society and pushing it forward.

The short-term goal

  • Assist our members in developing their leadership skills in order to be involved in their communities’ issues.
  • Assist in Volunteering Works activation in communities.
  • Stimulate the consciousness of the importance of volunteer work for people in the communities with the performance of our active members.
  • Create and develop cooperation between our organization and other society’s representatives in Tangier.

PPTI Tangier2Our projects in the past 6 months

Through the major problems of school dropout in Morocco our chapter decided this year to focus on side country schools. Our first project was in Nouinouich, 20km to the northeast of Tangier. There is an abandoned primary school that cannot ensure the basic needs of studying for the kids of the village.

We helped by:

  • Re-painting the school including the classrooms, and covering the tables with protective paper.
  • Bringing closets and installing them.
  • A book-collecting campaign to benefit the kids of this village.

On the second day the chapter animated few workshops for the children from painting to storytelling, etc

Later and during Ramadan the chapter came up with the idea of continuation the relationship with the same village by collecting clothes and giving them to poor families of the village. The campaign was very appreciated by the public media and the other local community service associations.

As a Ramadan activity, the members decided to have a meal with a stranger. Each member brought his Ftour meal with him and share it with a homeless person at the seaside area of Tangier. It was enjoyable for the members and also an opportunity to learn more about the suffering of these people who live this month away from their homes and families.
A few days later we visited another village, Khmis Anjra, a one-hour drive southeast of Tangier. This time we were working in collaboration with a local association for the benefit of school kids of the area. We organized a day full of activities, workshops, motivational speeches and a conference that persuades people to continue studying in order of developing their environment and be useful for their community by being an educated helping hand.

Our future projects

Since it is a critical subject in Morocco in general, our organization has decided to work about women and children by arranging conferences dealing with different problems in this part of the community.

PPTI Tangier5

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