Many thanks to everyone involved in making the Student Writers Workshop at this year’s Salon du Livre a success: the International Writing Program and its affiliated writers/workshop facilitators (Karim Alrawi, Kiki Petrosino, and Christopher Merrill), the US Departments of State and US Embassy – Rabat, l’Institut Francais, l’Association ATRAC, TALIM and, of course, the participants themselves who came away from the workshop and Salon inspired about writing as a vehicle for self expression, exploring new ideas and perspectives, and social engagement. ALC participants from around Morocco did the ACA proud, asking thoughtful questions and making creative and insightful contributions to discussions and activities. The workshop/seminar took place on Saturday May 6th and was followed by a fascinating tour of the American Legation Museum. We hope to promote similar opportunities for young writers in the near future!

Student writers interested in honing their craft are invited to visit IWP’s page describing a free massive online open course for writers at…/distance-learning-courses/moocs

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